Company profile

The company was established in 1992. The construction of the printing house took place in 1994 and 1995, followed by the first rotary machine production. We quickly discovered that having one rotary was no better than having no rotary at all. In 1997, we added a second rotary to our production heralding the completion of stage two of our company development. Our customers’ needs, and our desire to satisfy those needs in the broadest possible sense, led us to the decision to extend the range of our services. After a newspaper production centre acquisition in 2002, the building was given a face lift and turned into our new finishing centre. The most recent, and largest in scale and importance of expansions, were the purchase and installation of a new 48-page rotary machine, construction of the hall annex for the new press, and an addition to the bindery shop. This third stage culminated in June 2006, resulting in a significant boost to our production capability.

At Severotisk, entertaining customers has become a kind of tradition. We wine and dine our clientele, offering the experience and enjoyment of good sport and culture. Hand-in-hand with our first class service, this all reflects the aspirations of Severotisk’s nearly 250 staff members towards a much satisfied customer.